Artist Statement

From an early age I have had a  fascination with portraiture and artistic representation of the human figure; my first career goal as a child of 5 years old having been to design mannequins.   I am continuously inspired by portraits of all kinds; painted portraits, old Hollywood photography and vintage street photography along with film and fashion from the first half of the 20th century.  My main artistic inspiration stems from a deep admiration of portraiture, fashion and architecture from the Art Deco period.  I love the structure, symmetry and clean lines of design from this time period.  In my portraiture, I continuously start out trying to represent my subject realistically; however, my love of stylizing the sitter and adding solidity always wins out in the end.   In all my works, I work to focus on the subject’s face and pose while keeping backgrounds clean, simple and complimentary to the figure.

It is my goal to create works that are strong, balanced and aesthetically pleasing.